Only For Siraj Athilan

Posted on 2:06 AM by Abdul Muneer

The Samsung Galaxy S2 has an 8MP sensor with single LED flash and a multitude of shooting options. We're used to a heritage from Samsung phones in the photography department – remember the ill-fated Pixon 12, anyone? – and this has filtered down 'normal' phones to offer a stable and impressive camera experience. What we like here is the way that Samsung has nailed down the features users actually want from their camera phone – a device that enables you to take a photo every once in a while, and make it a decent one when you do.

The camera application fires up in just over a second (sadly there's no physical shutter button, so we recommend putting the application on your home screen) and is ready to take pictures instantly.
Shutter speed is now slow compared to the competition (amazing to think it was super speedy a year ago), with around three to four seconds between shots at maximum resolution if you're taking a few in quick succession. This has nothing to do with picture size, as the processor can handle all of them easily; it's the auto focus that's a little tardy.

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