Free Easy Ringtone Maker Portable

Posted on 5:36 AM by Abdul Muneer

Free Ringtone Maker is an extremely simple and handy Windows software for making your own free ringtones.
Make Your Own Ringtones in 3 Easy Steps.
Step 1: Pick a Song

To make your own free ringtones, just click button "Choose a Song from My Computer".
Step 2: Cut Out the Best Part

In this step, you´ll select the best part of the song for your ringtone. Just drag the sliders to set the start and end point of the selection.
You can pre-listen the ringtone using the player buttons. You can also add some fade-in and fade-out effects to your ringtone.
Step 3: Get the Ringtone!

Just click button Save Ringtone to My Computer. Then you can choose a location to save your ringtone file.
When the ringtone file is saved, you can locate it by clicking button Locate in Windows Explorer, or start to create a new ringtone by clicking button Make a New Ringtone.

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