Keyboard Basic Shortcuts

Posted on 9:03 PM by Abdul Muneer

Using Keyboard shortcuts save time by allowing you to never take your hands off the keyboard to use the mouse. So here is the list:-

Win                                Press windows key to open start menu
Win+R                           Opens Run dialog box
Win+M                          Minimize all opened windows
Win+S                            maximize all opened windows
Win+L                            locks keyboard in windows XP
Win+E                            opens My Computer
Win+F                            opens search options
Win+U                            opens Utility Manager
Win+D                            view desktop/minimize all windows
Win+F1                           view the detail windows help page
Win+P                              Pause view the System Properties dialog box
Win+Tab                          Move through open windows
Win+F+Ctrl                     open search Window
Alt+Tab                           Move through opened windows programs
Alt+F4                             close active window
Alt+Enter                         open properties of selected item
Alt+SPACEBAR             Open the system menu of active window
Alt+SPACEBAR+N       minimize the active program
Alt+SPACEBAR+R        keys to restore the active program
Alt+SPACEBAR+C        keys to close the active program
Alt+SPACEBAR+X        keys to maximize the active program
Alt+SPACEBAR+M       keys to move the active program
Ctrl+Alt+Delete               options to shutdown or open task manager
Ctrl+Shift+Esc                open windows task manager
Ctrl+Esc                           keys to open start menu
Shift+Delete                     delete items permanently
Ctrl+A                             Selects all items in Folder
Ctrl+C                              Copy function
Ctrl+v                              Paste Option
Ctrl+home                        Move to the top of the page
Ctrl+End                          Move to the bottom of the page

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